We established our Make It Better Foundation in 2013 as an extension of our mission to Believe in Better and improve the general welfare in the communities we serve.

Since the foundation’s inception, Cousins has granted more than $500,000 to organizations that provide support in three key areas vital to any community: Youth Education, Health & Wellness and Hunger. To apply for funding from the Make It Better Foundation, follow the application process outlined below.

Application Process

  1. Complete the online form below to submit a letter of inquiry to the Make It Better Foundation.
  2. After reviewing your organization's letter of inquiry, we will determine if your request meets the requirements for submission of a full grant application. Once a determination is made, a prompt reply will be emailed.
  3. If we invite you to submit a full grant application, please know that the invitation does not constitute a guarantee that your grant will be approved for funding.
  4. The foundation's Board of Directors will review your grant application at the next quarterly board meeting and determine if your organization is approved for funding.

Greater consideration will be given to applications from 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable or educational organizations that have missions that align with one of our three pillars of Youth Education, Health/Wellness and Hunger. If your organization has already received funding from our foundation, you must wait a minimum of one year before submitting another application.

For questions regarding the application process, please email: foundation@cousinssubs.com 

Organization's Address

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Nonprofit Status

Organization Information

Which of Our Three Pillars Does Your Organization Serve

Project Information

Must be within 30 miles of a Cousins Subs location.
Briefly describe the project.
Describe how grant funds will be used.
Describe the use of previous funding.